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Our innovative AI software for law firms helps you consistently drive your business vision. Gain time and security while developing and delivering future-proof services. Discover our customised, advanced Legal Tech platform, which we have developed specifically for small, medium and large law firms.

The algorithm of success?

It is called ELLE

Our mission: to support your law firm with a wide range of ERP, CRM and DMS functionalities. We believe that change is just an algorithm. With our Legal Tech platform, we offer you the solution to decipher this algorithm – revolutionise the future of your law firm.

Small businesses dream big

Large companies do the same

That’s why we offer our law firm software specifically for businesses that are ready for change.
With ELLE, you revolutionise your organisational resources, improve your processes sustainably and prepare yourself specifically for the challenges of an increasingly fast-paced working world.


law firms

The successful management of a small law firm is demanding. ELLE relieves you of numerous tasks as intelligent law firm software. This allows you to concentrate on the core business: attract new clients and increase turnover.


law firms

Are you a medium-sized law firm striving towards big goals? ELLE, a Legal Tech platform designed specifically for lawyers, can equip you with the necessary tools of a large firm to expedite and streamline your legal services.


 multisite – law firms

Is your multisite, multilingual law firm in need of streamlined legal services? Look no further than ELLE, the Legal Tech platform designed specifically for lawyers. ELLE offers the necessary tools to process legal services with efficiency and accuracy across all of your firm’s locations and languages.

Your ally in law firm management

Law firm management on the go, automatic creation of documents, timesheets and invoices, integrated calendars for appointment management and precise analyses of all meetings: the Legal Tech software ELLE offers all this to your law firm. Along with efficient support and numerous other benefits.

AI technology

While AI takes care of typos in documents, file management, paperwork, customer management and other everyday tasks, you focus on the really demanding things.

Security for sensitive files

ELLE Information Protection delivers top-notch capabilities for safeguarding sensitive files, including data classification, encryption, and access control, ensuring secure collaboration and compliance across your organization.

Microsoft Cloud connection

Always have your law firm with you: manage your contacts and clients on the go and access your data completely independent of location and device.

More efficient workflow

With the law firm software ELLE, you automate the daily workflow and relieve yourself and your team of time-consuming but necessary tasks.

What clients say

Meet the team

Our expertise? The result of great teamwork!

We are experienced specialists who combine expertise in legal knowledge with know-how around Artificial Intelligence. But above all, we are an association of visionaries who understand the individual needs of our customers and offer exclusive solutions to achieve ambitious goals.

1) “It’s not just about growing businesses, it’s about completely transforming people’s lives. We want to give them more flexibility and time to achieve their goals.”
2) “Energy is a prerequisite for professional development. We help specialists save that energy and invest in great projects.”
3) “Accompanying companies on the path to a mature digital transformation is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on consistently driving innovation at all times.”
4) “In our work we encounter many challenges, but also many successes: one of them is to have changed the future of law firms.”

Marco Farina

CEO and Head of R&D

Alessandro Maserati

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Christoph Küng

Head of Legal Products

Clement Quessette

Sales Director

Ilya Khalikov

Sales Director

Fulvio Pennacchio

Sales Director

Julian Deb

Lead Generation Director

ELLE & Logol

Together we stand for innovative AI solutions

Accompanying companies on the path to advanced digital transformation – this is the mission that drove Logol – as a provider of innovative technology solutions, and our team to bring ELLE to the market. The award-winning law firm software is precisely tailored to the needs of lawyers. ELLE & Logol: this is a partnership that shapes visions for the future and offers our customers far-reaching benefits.


Protect your firm’s data and your clients’ sensitive information with industry leading security.

24/7 Support

Rely on an exclusive customer service that gives everything to optimise your work processes and meet your demands.

More than 200 integrations

Access ELLE and use the extensive portfolio to easily connect, extend and synchronise your tools.

Our services: tailored to your needs

When you choose the best Legal Tech software from ELLE, you not only get an integrated (KMS, DMS and CRM) and Cloud-based ERP, but you also improve the quality and speed of your work processes. Choose now the offer that best suits the size of your company.


Especially for
small and medium-sized law firms and notaries’ offices


Specially designed for medium-sized and large law firms and notaries’ offices

Our law firm software in the press

Our Legal Tech software is the talk of the town – the following media have already reported on ELLE

Are you ready for progress?

Switching from your previous software to ELLE is as easy as can be. Use the advantages of our law firm software to noticeably simplify your life, that of your clients and your business partners.

ELLE sustainability

At ELLE, we’re committed to driving positive change in the legal industry by providing a cutting-edge, sustainable solution that empowers law firms to operate more efficiently while reducing their environmental impact. Our advanced platform has demonstrated key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:


reduction in
on-premise server usage


reduction in average commuting emissions

1.1 metric tons

of annual carbon emissions reduction per lawyer

1 tree planted

for every ELLE license activated

By choosing ELLE, law firms not only benefit from streamlined operations and cost savings, but also join us in our mission to combat climate change and create a more sustainable world for generations to come. Experience the difference with ELLE where innovation meets sustainability and measurable results.


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