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Work Anywhere, Anytime, With PC, Tablets, Phones

Your location is no longer an issue. You can access ELLE from your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, or your PC. All you need is an Internet connection to connect and start working. Use ELLE from home to run your virtual office space and stay productive.

Unbounded Flawless File Management with High-Level Security

Need to pull necessary information from several sources – email messages in your inbox, transcripts stacked on your shelf, pleadings and briefs on your server, etc.? ELLE helps you keep different pieces of information in one place so that when you need to organize a case, ELLE has done much of the work for you already.

Deep Outlook Integration

With ELLE, get full benefits of email management. ELLE offers a calendar system that easily integrates with MS Outlook. This deep Outlook integration enables to seamlessly view appointments related to a project on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Use ELLE to set appointments for multiple projects, and run calendar reports easily to reflect specific criteria. More so, the deep Outlook integration keeps all your projects on the same page. You can set personal appointments as well.


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Artificial Intelligence at your service

Automatic creation of arguments and pleading

ELLE will follow you during the creation process of new documents, helping you use archived documents for new cases and enriching them with the most relevant articles to quote. It will drastically reduce preparation time for documents and the risk of errors due to manual input. And the best part is: you won’t have to insert any data yourself to benefit from these great features.

Voice Dictation

Get full benefit of cutting edge technology with voice dictation. We know that productivity and time management are very important for law firms. ELLE is equipped with voice dictation ability to save your time. Dictate your paperwork, eliminate the cost of transcription, and enhance your productivity on the go to better deal with your busy schedules.

Automatic Timesheets Creation

Legal time logging is now simplified with just a click. Forget conventional methods of logging time. With ELLE, you can instantly log the time spent on a task by easily clicking a button. ELLE is a spontaneous timesheet entry software which allows legal firms to automatically record their daily activities and to function at their full potential.

Enhanced Customer Management

GDPR and ISO 27001 Compliance

Create a stronger relationship with your clients, earn their trust by ensuring their data is well protected. ELLE is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant and helps maintain the integrity of your clients as well as safeguard their information. GDPR compliance is required for any information security management system (ISMS), and the ISO 27001 certification ensures an enhanced  security of the data. All the data is well protected and in line with GDPR requirements, which contributes to making ELLE one of the best legal practice management software out there.

Complete CRM Functionalities

With ELLE, strengthen your relationships. Thanks to complete CRM functionalities, ELLE perfectly helps you for example to get more control in tracking clients, or to generate useful metrics. Take different actions from the dashboard.

Customisation and flexibility in a single solution

ELLE enables you to set various rates and to create an individual legal fee for your customers. More so, ELLE offers a complete multicurrency solution and converts currencies based on the exchange rates pulled from trusted sources. Use any base currency for quotations and invoice in another currency. For international or local clients, use different currencies for different clients.

Invoice process under control

Work in Progress under control

ELLE also provides an option to customize your invoices, credit notes, invoice specifications, all of this within a user friendly interface.

Customization of invoices design is also part of ELLE features. Change colors, fields or add custom logos for a better designed invoice.

Monitoring unpaid invoices

Monitoring unpaid invoices is one click away with ELLE. Automatically create fully customized unpaid invoices and track them easily. With ELLE you can set up semi-auto billing just like this.

Export your data in excel format for a deeper analysis and find your reports securily stored on the Cloud, for an easy access at anytime.

Automatic process for managing reminders

Thanks to ELLE, stay updated with all appointments and trial dates. From one dashboard, manage various day-to-day activities like appointments and cases. ELLE also gives a complete view of all important tasks, meeting dates, events, and enables seamlessly collaboration through calendar view with other stakeholders.

Smart Agenda

Law firm saturation monitoring

Monitoring of saturation of law firms is made easy in ELLE. It provides a detailed analysis and reports of billing and invoices. It also helps to monitor the progress of the firm, track firm goals, and individual performance.

ELLE helps in billing clients on time, with transparency, and quickly. It monitors time spent on tasks  for each case and each client, and gives a detailed report. This report can later be used for monitoring of law firm saturation.

Automatic creation of work plans

ELLE provides different ways to create work plans with different levels to better manage appointments, cases, time spent on tasks, and billable time. It provides templates of different types to suit the needs of lawyers and clients, and allows semi-automatic creation of these work plans and works in accordance with the calendar.

Alert overbooking lawyers’ agendas

ELLE sends alerts in case of overbooked agendas by analyzing time tracking and billing tools. Define customized parameters to get the right alerts at the right moment and benefit from an automatized booking system.

And many more features…

Analyze quickly and efficiently the orders of individuals or customers. ELLE provides a detailed billing report of clients, lawyers, practice areas, outstanding and paid invoices.

ELLE provides analysis and insights about your revenue, helping maximizing profit by focusing on the primary areas of revenue generation. It also helps in identifying the areas which can be improved for revenue growth.

Save a lot of time by avoiding manual calculation, complicated processes or printing of orders. ELLE helps in calculating invoices automatically with one click.  It also provides a customized view of all your paid and unpaid invoices under one dashboard.

Invoice history, invoices per client, invoices per lawyer, outstanding invoices are easily available in ELLE.

ELLE provides up to 1000 GB of storage space in the cloud. It means accessing billing reports, client reports, expanse reports, and time records much easier. It also serves as a backup for your documents and files.

All your reports related to billing, invoicing and time tracking are easily accessible on the cloud and you do not need to download them every time.

ELLE provides online support for all your queries through our customer support. We also provide in-depth training for our product ELLE.

Our customer support will help you to resolve your queries and is available 365 days and all seven days of the week during office hours.

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