Frequently asked questions

about the ELLE law firm software

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the functions of our Legal Tech software solution. If you can’t find the right answer here, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Who are the ideal ELLE customers?

ELLE helps law firms and in-house legal teams manage their practices. Currently, ELLE is used by some of the largest law firms in Switzerland as well as by many single-lawyer firms. ELLE offers a cost-per-user approach that can fit quite well on every firm’s size.

What are the system requirements for ELLE?

ELLE is a Cloud-based software so doesn’t require specific computer requirements. It is possible to use ELLE from computer, tablet, and smartphone. ELLE usually allows lawyers to save a lot of money avoiding the necessity of an internal server or specific powerful computers.

We just recommend for security and performance reasons to use the most updated version of your browsers (such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) to browse ELLE.

Can I try ELLE before I buy it?

Yes, you might ask us to provide a Demo Environment to try ELLE before purchasing it. It is free and fully functional. You can upload up to five (5) users per time to also explore the collaboration features.

How long is the trial period?

You may use the ELLE free version for 1 month.

How are ELLE releases different from one another?

ELLE is available in two versions: Essential and Advanced. The Essential version offers all the necessary features to a lawyer in order to work properly and is usually recommended for small firms without specific requirements. ELLE Advanced includes all ELLE Essential features, but it is always updated to the last version available on the market (usually every six months) and allows lawyers to personalize their own language interface (among the four available languages: English, German, French, Italian).

Do you provide support if I have any questions?

Once you become an ELLE customer you will be provided with a link to all our user’s manuals and training videos inside this website. For extended support, we strongly recommend buying support packages that allow you to have professional help by paying only a small additional fee. Please refer to your vendor for more details about pricing and services offered.

Where does ELLE save and store my data?

ELLE saves and stores your data inside Microsoft Azure, one of the safest Cloud infrastructures of the world. Microsoft Azure holds multiple certifications, ( provides services to governments and primary banks and guarantees the confidentiality and the integrity of your data.

How can I save Outlook emails and attachments with ELLE?

ELLE Outlook integration allows to link with one click each email to the correspondent case inside ELLE. The link will automatically implies the copy of the email and of the attachment in the correspondent folder.

In which language is ELLE available?

ELLE is available in four languages: English, German, French and Italian.

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