Logol puts artificial intelligence to work for the legal profession

Logol puts artificial intelligence to work for the legal profession

Introducing ELLE: the game-changing management solution for law firms based on AI

Chiasso, 6 May 2019 – Logol, a prime AI-native specialist consulting firm, announces the launch of
ELLE, the first complete cloud-based management solution for law firms built for artificial intelligence.
Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing tools and applications, ELLE also features a broad
range of CRM, invoicing and accounting functionalities, taking care of all the daily tasks of a legal
practice automatically. Moreover, ELLE’s highly secure cloud-based architecture enables anywhere,
anytime access: with a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection, the user is effectively ‘in
the office’, also when physically at home, at the airport or on the ski slopes.

“ELLE’s most powerful tools are enabled by the introduction of artificial intelligence,” says Marco
Farina, Founder and CEO of Logol. “Groundbreaking functionalities include a powerful chatbot to
communicate with the system, as well as effective document creation and self-completion tools. By
integrating AI with a cloud-based management system, we created a complete platform to support
the digital transformation of the legal profession. Our dedicated teams support firms to ensure that
this transformation takes place smoothly and efficiently, from upgrading technological infrastructure
and migrating to the cloud, to automating office processes and using ELLE’s AI-based tools. The
advantages to law firms, their employees and their clients are substantial. ELLE improves
management of resources, in particular the valuable time of the lawyers.”

ELLE is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant, meeting all data protection regulatory requirements and
implementing best practices for information security management systems. Moreover, by leveraging
Logol’s expertise in AI-based cybersecurity, ELLE goes beyond mandated requirements, providing
further layers of security to ensure sensitive client information is managed according to the highest
standards available in the industry.

ELLE features a complete document repository that puts all the documents of a case – emails,
transcripts, pleadings, briefs, etc. – within easy reach, while automating repetitive activities such as
invoice and document creation to improve productivity. The CRM functionalities help strengthen
relationships with clients, tracking all related activities and generating useful metrics, while
automatic invoicing, payment monitoring and reminders for overdue payments reduce time spent on
administrative tasks. Deep integration with tools such as Outlook enables seamless management of
emails and appointments related to a project. Moreover, by helping to monitor the time spent on
tasks for each case and every client, ELLE supports a constant control on law firm saturation.

ELLE is a multi-language and multi-currency solution, allowing the user to set individual rates,
currency and language for each customer. For more information on ELLE, please visit the website,
now available in English, German, French and Italian: www.elle.lawyer


About Logol

Logol, a pioneering Swiss technology company and AI-native specialist consulting firm, brings the
extraordinary benefits of digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) to the business world.
Serving companies and organizations in fields ranging from FMCG to pharma to banking and finance,
Logol offers advisory services, cloud migration services, cybersecurity solutions, best in class business
applications and custom AI-based software development. Logol’s success is based on its
extraordinary international team of digital-native professionals with top-class education and
extensive experience creating AI-based solutions. Founded in 2017, Logol is rapidly expanding, with
50+ people across offices in Zurich, Chiasso, Lausanne (Gland) and Milan.

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