Zug, 20 November 2023 — Logol AG, a leading legal solutions provider, proudly announces the inclusion of Marco Farina, CEO, and Fulvio Pennacchio, Sales Director, in the thought-provoking pages of “Fokus Digital Future – Bilanz” magazine. The article, titled “Der unverzichtbare Wandel für KMU – ein Weckruf zu Cloud und künstlicher Intelligenz,” (“The Indispensable Transformation for SMEs – a Wake-Up Call for Cloud and Artificial Intelligence”) delves into the indispensable evolution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) concerning cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Within its pages, the article intricately unveils the vital role of modern business applications in maintaining a competitive edge within today’s fiercely competitive market. It accentuates that beyond the financial investments, the successful integration of these advanced technologies requires a profound cultural shift within organizations.

Highlighting the technological landscape, the discourse underscores the cloud infrastructure as the fundamental pillar, serving as the bedrock for the transformative potential of AI. Marco Farina and Fulvio Pennacchio stress the urgent need for SMEs to embrace these innovations to ensure continued relevance and success in an ever-evolving business environment.

You can download the full article below or read it here Fokus Digital Future – Bilanz by Smart Media Agency AG – Issuu