Seamless MS 365 integration

ELLE users benefit directly from the further development of the Microsoft platform. Microsoft’s high investments in research, development and security also flow into the ELLE law firm software and guarantee a modern and secure basic infrastructure for ELLE.

ELLE perfectly integrates its functionalities with Microsoft’s powerful tools to help you work, organise, connect and create.

The user-friendly Microsoft Legal SaaS solution

ELLE has been specifically designed to seamless incorporate all the benefits of the proven Microsoft platform as a Software-as-a-Service solution. The advantage is obvious: as a user, you do not have to change your working habits, but remain in the familiar Microsoft environment. Leading applications such as MS Word, Outlook and PowerPoint are available in the ELLE environment at all times and facilitate everyday work and cooperation with clients and customers.

Additional Benefits

With the Microsoft basic infrastructure you benefit from:

Highest safety standards: intelligent and needs-based security standards ensure that personal information, sensitive documents, applications, data and devices are protected from unauthorised access at all times. No matter from which device you are currently accessing your files: with ELLE, your data is safe.

Efficient cooperation: the Microsoft tool Teams has become the cross-sector collaboration standard and is of course also available to you in the ELLE environment. MS Teams allows you to connect with your business contacts, organise video conferences and share documents from anywhere, regardless of device. Whether you are an individual law firm or a large law firm with MS Teams you can organise your cooperation efficiently and productively.

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