Sustainable, humane, environmentally friendly

Our values

With our Legal Tech solution ELLE, we make an active contribution to more efficiency and less resource consumption. The Legal Tech platform enables remote working on the move and helps legal stakeholders work more sustainably, productively and collaboratively. With ELLE, we are therefore implementing precisely the values and goals that Logol itself stands for as a company.

Our values at a glance: protecting people and the environment

Our way of working is characterised by a fundamental understanding of values. We actively exemplify this in the company to ensure a contribution to a sustainable working environment with a distinct work-life balance and the highest environmental standards. Our work is:


In the digital age, every printed piece of paper is superfluous. In the interest of environmental protection, we therefore dispense completely with printouts and work paperless.


Plastic waste is one of the most serious problems for the environment. For this reason, we avoid the use of plastic or other plastic-based materials wherever possible.

Remote Working

Thanks to rapid technological progress, we are now able to access documents and work together in real time from anywhere in the world. By working remotely, we reduce climate-damaging emissions in the mobility sector – and incidentally, our employees also save a lot of time.

Flexible working

Work-life balance is more than just an empty phrase for us. We give our employees the freedom to work together flexibly and independently of location. In this way, we ensure a healthy, sustainable and creative working atmosphere.


We want our planet to be worth living on for future generations. That is why we are actively involved in environmental protection: for example, in cooperation with the organisation “One Tree Planted” we plant a tree for every ELLE licence activated.

“Make a breakthrough
Trust the others
Be passionate
Embrace diversity
Share your vision”

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