Additional features

ELLE additional features

The ELLE Word add-in

The Word add-in for ELLE facilitates the daily work of law firms and notaries’ offices. Thanks to intelligent document creation, lawyers and notaries can easily add evidence, attachments and text modules to legal documents and contracts. The add-in for our intelligent law firm software enables automated and highly efficient workflows in MS Word.

The functional diversity of the add-in at a glance

Manage evidence

The Word add-in automatically organises your evidence to save you valuable time when writing and adapting pleadings.

Create excerpts

With the Word add-in, you can easily select interesting content from a document and have the system create a summary or an excerpt from it. This makes it possible to quickly and easily grasp the content of extensive documents without having to read the entire document.

Document analysis

With the Word add-in, you get well-founded answers to your questions about document content.

Time recording

With the Word add-in, you can create time entries directly in an open document you are currently working on.

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Per user and month


My ELLE is an interactive summary of your most important activities. From this main page you can directly use all functions of ELLE and get an optimal overview of your open and completed work.

My ELLE summarises the most important and up-to-date working points on a central page. The site is divided into Case Explorer, Case News, Stopwatches and Auto-Stopwatches. Furthermore, the capacity of a team can be displayed in My ELLE.

ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT integrated with ELLE: the ultimate Cloud-based solution for efficient and accurate legal operations.

The combination of ChatGPT’s advanced language processing capabilities and ELLE’s secure, Cloud-based infrastructure creates a powerful tool for legal professionals seeking to streamline their operations and improve client experiences. With ChatGPT integrated into ELLE’s platform, legal professionals can automate a range of tasks, such as document creation and review, contract analysis, and even communication with clients.

By automating these routine tasks, lawyers and legal assistants can focus on more complex and high-value work, ultimately leading to better outcomes for clients.

ELLE thus incorporates the technological developments of large language models into its product range and develos the state-of-the-art solution ELLE Copilot for the use of GPT technology within the processes for the legal service provision.

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Other additional features

ELLE Expense Add-in


With ELLE Expense Add-in lawyers can easily add and track expenses.

ELLE Expense Add-in is a state-of-the-art expense management add-in of ELLE, specifically tailored for law firms, that simplifies and streamlines your financial tracking processes. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, ELLE Expense Add-in makes managing expenses, receipts, and budgets for your law firm in a more efficient and organized way.

Easily assign expenses to individual cases, ensuring accurate and organized financial records for each client. Track billable and non-billable expenses separately, enabling a clear understanding of your firm’s profitability. Capture and store digital copies of receipts using your smartphone camera or by directly uploading files. ELLE Expense Add-in’s OCR technology automatically extracts relevant information, such as date, vendor, and amount, to simplify expense categorization.

Create custom expense categories specific to your law firm’s needs, enabling granular financial reporting and analysis. Establish budgets for specific cases, practice areas, or firm-wide operations, and track spending in real-time. Export reports to Excel, PDF, or CSV formats for further analysis or presentation to stakeholders.

Interest Conflict Check Pro


This functionality is especially suitable for medium and large law firms, as Interest Conflict Check Pro follows a lean and automated process. Conflicts of interest can be quickly detected with Microsoft Power BI integration. In addition, automated emails are sent to inform all persons involved. The process also allows for easy and efficient case opening in ELLE. MS Power BI licenses are required to use Conflict Check Pro.



ELLE Chain


Immutability via Ethereum-based hashes. Confidentiality with secure ELLE storage.

ELLE Chain is a revolutionary blockchain technology seamlessly integrated with ELLE, the top-tier Cloud solution for law firms. ELLE Chain is specifically designed to enhance the legal industry by providing unparalleled security, transparency, and efficiency in document management.

At the heart of this innovation is a seamless integration with ELLE’s Document Management System (DMS), enabling law firms to securely store and manage their sensitive documents while harnessing the power of blockchain technology. By posting document hashes on the Ethereum network, ELLE Chain guarantees immutability, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of legal documents throughout their lifecycle.

With confidentiality being a top priority, ELLE Chain ensures that the original documents securely remain stored within the ELLE DMS, accessible only to authorized users. This approach protects sensitive information from unauthorized access while still providing verifiable proof of existence and timestamping capabilities.

Advanced Analysis


Customizable dashboards, reports, visualizations, advanced analytics, and predictive capabilities to help firms optimize their operations.

ELLE offers a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) feature that enables legal professionals to gain valuable insights into their practice, clients, and cases. With ELLE Advanced Analysis, law firms can analyze large volumes of data and transform them into actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.

The BI feature of ELLE offers a variety of tools and capabilities to help law firms make sense of their data. These include customizable dashboards, reports, and visualizations that provide a holistic view of the firm’s performance. Users can quickly access information on key metrics such as revenue, billable hours, client satisfaction, and more, all in one place.

Moreover, ELLE Advanced Analysis enables law firms to drill down into specific areas of interest and uncover hidden patterns and trends. With advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, ELLE can identify areas of improvement, such as inefficiencies in workflows or underutilized resources. This can help law firms optimize their operations and maximize profitability.

    MS Teams Integration


    Lawyers can enjoy a seamless communication experience that not only enables them to make calls directly from ELLE, but also offers other valuable features.

    ELLE has been seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams to enhance the way to communicate and collaborate. The integration offers an array of features that provide several benefits to lawyers, including the ability to make calls directly from ELLE, record and store calls for future reference, and automatically track the time spent on each call for more efficient billing.

    Furthermore, ELLE can extract transcripts of calls, giving lawyers a written record of conversations that can be used for reference, analysis, or to support their work. In summary, the integration of ELLE with Microsoft Teams provides a comprehensive platform that enables lawyers to manage their communication and collaboration needs in a more streamlined and efficient manner while ensuring that they have access to all the features they need to manage and analyze their interactions with clients and colleagues.

      The ELLE Data Room


      The ELLE Data Room is being developed to enable digital collaboration between lawyers, project groups or clients on cases involving large amounts of data. The ELLE Data Room is designed to improve the secure exchange of files between lawyers and clients. The storage space can be expanded as needed. File synchronisation keeps documents up to date for all members and the integrated rights management ensures clear assignment of rights.

      Secure data exchange – efficient collaboration

      With ELLE Data Room you manage your documents or the documents of an investigation in a protected cloud environment. Authorised users store all files in the ELLE Data Room in a central location and collaborate via web, mobile or desktop app, regardless of the location.

      Secure password management

      Thanks to the integrated password manager, company logins and online access are reliably protected against unauthorised access. The password generator suggests suitable passwords to your employees and shows whether the chosen password is really secure.

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