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ELLE Essential

The Cloud-based law firm software for productive work

With ELLE Essential, we are targeting law firms of different sizes that are looking for a highly efficient Legal Tech solution with an integrated ERP system. The Cloud-based holistic software includes all functions that a modern law firm needs for productive and efficient work from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Document Management (DMS) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Law Firm Management System (KMS). Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and automated processes, you save valuable time that you can use profitably for your core business. In addition, you get on a regular base access to new developments. For the ELLE Essential license customization of standard features is not available.


Small and medium-sized
law firms and notaries’ offices


99 CHF

plus VAT per user per month

The ELLE Essential range of functions:
Law Firm ERP, DMS and CRM

The ELLE Essential Legal Tech platform brings all the features a successful law firm needs to run its business efficiently. Here is an overview of the most important functions and advantages:

DMS, CRM & Outlook/Mobile integration
With ELLE Essential, you store all your documents securely in MS Sharepoint and can access them at any time, regardless of device or location. You are always up to date with the proven MS Document Management System (DMS) and use the full range of functions for managing customers and contacts in the integrated Customer Relationship System (CRM).
Accounting, budgeting & reporting (Law Firm ERP)

ELLE Essential has the classic law firm management functions and thus allows you a highly efficient billing and reporting process. Book your billable hours efficiently in the system and benefit from automated invoicing and control of incoming payments. All financial data can be presented in a user-friendly way in modern, interactive reporting.

LEDES compliance
With electronic invoice capture in accordance with the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES), you can use the standard your client requires.
Know Your Customer (KYC)

The advanced KYC function ensures that you are immediately informed about previous touch points when you enter a client in the system. Therefore, if a contact is already listed in ELLE as a counterparty, advocate, employee or in some other capacity, you can respond appropriately in line with the “Know Your Customer” rule. In addition, you can intuitively access directly all cases in which there has already been contact with the client.

Access to the ELLE law firm software is, of course, independent of location and device. Access the Legal Management System at any time, share documents with clients or fellow lawyers and make adjustments. A versioning system ensures complete transparency with regard to the history of documents. You can assign access rights in such a way that users are given read-only or write-only rights if they wish.
Work online and offline
The DMS of the ELLE Essential platform allows you to download documents as needed, edit them offline and upload them again. Alternatively, you can of course also work on a document in real time and fully synchronously with several people. This allows you to track changes live.
Multi-factor authentication

For maximum security, ELLE Essential is equipped with multi-factor authentication. This is a multi-stage authentication process that users must go through to access sensitive law firm data.

Four languages
The entire range of functions of ELLE Essential is available in four different languages: German, English, French and Italian.
Regular updates
With ELLE Essential you are always up to date – at least twice a year we install an ELLE update with basic system and security functions.
Share documents
Legal Tech document creation in ELLE Essential allows you to easily share and collaborate on files with clients or team members. The access authorisation can also be set differently for each document or folder.
ELLE Essential already has predefined, automated templates for easy invoicing. You can easily add your logo and bank details to the templates and send them to your customers directly from the system – with just one click.

Manual entry of billable hours is a thing of the past. The integrated ELLE stopwatch can be adapted to your needs without complicated codes. In this way, you can automatically record a wide range of activities and then invoice them.

Payment deadlines
If you wish, ELLE will remind you when an invoice is due for payment. This allows you to create and send automated reminders.

My ELLE is an interactive summary of your most important activities. From this main page you can directly use all functions of ELLE and get an optimal overview of your open and completed work. My ELLE summarises the most important and up-to-date working points on a central page. The site is divided into Case Explorer, Case News, Stopwatches and Auto-Stopwatches. Furthermore, the capacity of a team can be displayed in My ELLE.

Advanced Email Tracking

With the Advanced Email Tracking lawyers can mark multiple emails and define the storing location. It allows to make suggestions for storing location when receiving and sending emails. The deletion of an email will result in the email being deleted also from the DMS.

Suggestions can be activated or deactivated in the settings, so that personal emails are not automatically stored in client cases. It not only  shows the suggestion but also shows the probability of correct storing location. It Identifies case-related information like attachments and puts them in the right location.

ELLE Essential

With ELLE Essential you get a comprehensive, integrated (KMS, DMS & CRM) and Cloud-based ERP with all the features a modern law firm needs. With Artificial Intelligence and automated processes you will save valuable time, which you can use for your bespoke legal work.

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