Statistics from early adopters of Logol’s dedicated cloud-based management solution show impressive jump in productivity

Chiasso, 23 March 2020 – Stay safe, stay competitive: this is the message that Logol, a pioneering Swiss company in the field of artificial intelligence, sends to companies, and in particular law firms across Europe. Logol promotes the dissemination of flexible work best practices and has a remarkable track record in supporting the digital transformation of organizations in a range of fields. It’s portfolio of proprietary platforms also encompasses cloud-based management solutions for key industry segments, including the legal sector.

“The current global health emergency is placing flexible work in a whole new light,” says Marco Farina, Founder and CEO of Logol. “Working from home is more than just a benefit for employees. It can be the difference between remaining operative during a lockdown, and closing down operations until government-mandated social distancing decrees cease to have effect.”

In 2019, Logol launched ELLE, the first complete cloud-based management solution for law firms built for artificial intelligence. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing tools and applications, ELLE features a broad range of CRM, invoicing and accounting functionalities, taking care of all the daily tasks of a legal practice automatically. Moreover, ELLE’s highly secure cloud-based architecture enables anywhere, anytime access.

A study among early adopters of Logol’s solution shows that its implementation has led to about a 20% reduction of time spent in the office, half as much time spent on administrative tasks, 30% reduction in overall IT expenditure and a positive impact on customer satisfaction. The system enables a single professional to manage an unprecedented amount of documents, with tools that allow intelligent document creation as well as anonymization. This is key for sharing documents within the constraints placed by GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Clients turning to Logol’s state-of-the-art platform reported “increased speed in processing documentation”, “major efficiencies due to the seamless integration of the different communication and administrative tools”, “unprecedented possibility to manage entire cases without the need to go to the office.” These are just a few of the comments collected after a flash enquiry carried out during the recent set up of Logol’s new dedicated SMARTWORK task force, created to support organizations turning to leading edge technologies and cloud-based solutions in the wake of today’s urgent demand for digital transformation of the workplace.