Zug, 27 November 2023 — In a landmark accomplishment, Logol, a frontrunner in delivering innovative legal solutions, has dramatically redefined the functioning of law firms through ELLE, its native cloud-based law firm solution. Armed with  Microsoft technology, ELLE has evolved remarkably over the last years, focusing on enabling collaborative work, work in mobility, and the application of artificial intelligence to the daily tasks of lawyers. 

In May 2023, Logol initiated a collaborative engagement with MLL Legal, a prestigious Swiss law firm, with the ambitious goal of flawlessly integrating ELLE across MLL Legal’s widespread offices in Zurich, Geneva, Zug, Lausanne, London, and Madrid. Remarkably, despite the intricate nature of the project, ELLE was up and running in all locations simultaneously within a mere five months. This rapid deployment is a testament to Logol’s commitment to agile methodologies and prompt delivery. 

This transition consolidated various systems under ELLE, streamlining operations and enabling uniform access from multiple devices and locations.  

Kilian Schärli, Managing Director at MLL Legal, celebrated the partnership, stating, “With ELLE, we have leapfrogged into the future of legal operations within just five months. ELLE and the cutting-edge native cloud solution are not a distant promise but an immediate reality.” 

Jorge Sanmiguel-Blanco, Head of IT at MLL Legal, highlighted the technological strengths of ELLE: “Ensuring compliance with Swiss law and security standards is paramount. ELLE, deeply integrated with the Microsoft system, equips us with the robust security necessary to safeguard our clients’ data while enhancing our efficiency.” 

The deployment of ELLE stands as proof of Logol’s unwavering commitment to delivering pioneering solutions to the legal sector. The collaboration with MLL Legal symbolizes a step towards a future where technology and human expertise merge, driving substantial advancements in legal operations.